For this week’s edition of Inventor Spotlight, we talked to Rober Rollin, a talented 3D designer with over 300 designs. We spoke to him about his creative process and what inspires him to create in 3D, and his current projects.

Who is Rober Rollin?

Rober Rollin is a German artist, who designs incredible figurines and models using Blender. He uses his Dremel 3D printer to print his models.

Where Did Rober Get His Inspiration From?

Rober’s fascination with 3D modeling started from the Pixar Movie “Toy Story.” Since then, he has been working mainly with Blender, while continuously learning new techniques via YouTube. In 2017, he discovered Uncle Jesse’s YouTube channel, which brought him from 3D modeling to the world of 3D printing. Rober found the endless possibilities and applications of 3D printing captivating.

Rober Rollin

After that, Rober focused his creativity on designing figures and toys for 3D printing. He finds the idea of recreating characters based on his childhood fascinating, especially the toys and figurines that were not available during that time. Now, thanks to 3D printing, everybody can have access to those models.

How Does Rober Rollin Create Such Incredible Figures?

Rober creates every model from scratch. He starts with some basic shapes and works his way up, by adding layers of details.

Advice for People Getting Involved With 3D Model Designing?

“I would start with Blender3D. It is a free open source software, and there are a ton of tutorials available on YouTube. To create good models, you also have to practice a lot. Creating such sculpts is similar to learning to paint or play an instrument. The software is just like a paintbrush. It certainly helps, but there are no magic buttons. Everything depends on your artistic skill.”

Where to Find Rober Rollin and His Work?

You can find Rober Rollin on Instagram at @ 3d_printing_with_rober_rollin. You can also find his designs on, MyMiniFactory, his Patreon, and his YouTube channel

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