This week we featured an incredible build from one of our all-time favorite movies, Robocop. Tom Quach posted a 3D printed version of the menacing robot, ED-209.

Tom Quach’s 3D printed ED-209 stands tall and menacing

Who is Tom Quach?

Tom is a VFX artist who has a strong passion for 3D printing. He has posted many great builds on his Instagram page which you can see here:

Tom’s interest in 3D printing started when he first saw Robocop’s ED-209 on Chronicle Collectibles for $1200. This moment brought back so many childhood memories for Tom, however, despite him wanting the figure so badly, he just couldn’t afford it.

But not being able afford the ED-209 figure ended up motivating Tom to learn new software. The experience became the catalyst for him to figure out how to build his own ED-209.

Building the 3D Printed ED-209

At that time, Tom owned a simple 3D printer, a PrintrBot. It was cheap and easy to use, but he couldn’t print anything interesting or complex on it. He made a few basic models and printed some upgrade parts, but that was all he could really do with the low resolution machine.

Everything changed when the Creality CR-10 became available. This printer had a bigger print bed and had better print quality than the Printrbot. After just a few prints, Tom could see the new-found potential. The work on his magnificent 3d printed ED-209 began!

3d printed ed-209
Tom Quach building his 3D printed ED-209

It was a long a tedious process, but he had completed the 3D printed ED-209 in a month. Tom says his ED-209 has over a hundred pieces! The robot stands 45cm tall and 30cm wide. Not only does the robot have a robust size, but the entire model is fully articulated.

According to Tom, “The kid in me is very happy with the final results”. (so are we!)

Since then, Tom has gotten better at 3d printing and started a few more projects. He is a shining example of what can be done with the right machine and the right motivation. Bravo Tom!

The 3D printed ED-209 model will be for sale on Tom’s store. At the time of this writing, the model is labeled as “coming soon”. You can see it and the other amazing models Tom has for sale right here:

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