For this week’s edition of Inventor Spotlight, we talked to the innovative creator Andrey Sapunkov, also known as Sandcraftart. We chatted about his inspirations, his creative process, and advice for people starting with 3D printing.

What Inspires Andrey to Create in 3D?

Andrey likes to do everything with his own hands, and this is how he started his unique art projects. He makes unique watches from computer boards on different subjects and uses 3D printed parts in his pieces.

Andrey was inspired by the possibilities that spur the imagination. He follows a theme and combines a variety of elements, including 3D printed pieces, to create his unique artifacts.

Tell Us About the Creative Process?

Andrey starts an idea or a theme for his projects. Whether it is a clock, a mask, or something else, it follows the same pattern. First, he comes up with an idea, then a painful thinking process over the design and manufacturing techniques. Once these things are figured, Andrey proceeds to the creation stage.

Advice for Beginners?

Andrey suggests that you should not be afraid to fantasize and do! He believes that you should not limit yourself and let your imagination run wild to come up with unique pieces of art.

Where to Find Andrey?

You can find him on Instagram at @sandcraftart and his VK page

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Some of Andrey’s Unique Art Pieces

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Часы Медная Гора Медь – невероятно красивый природный металл. Он лишён вульгарной яркости золота и непостоянного блеска серебра. В разные времена её связывали с планетой Венера и считали земным символом тепла и света. При этом именно медными инструментами обтёсывали камень для пирамид. Считалось, что она приносит здоровье и укрепляет любовь, особенно в сочетании с изумрудами, а ещё привлекает удачу и рассеивает любые чары. Так что не пренебрегайте медью, оцените её неяркую красоту – и у вас сполна будет и вульгарного золота, и непостоянного серебра, не говоря уже про любовь и здоровье. И вы всегда будете знать, который час… Часы Медная Гора – привлечение успеха и любви на ваш рабочий стол )))). #sandcraftart #recycledart #recycledmaterials #cuprum #circuitboardart #copper #Coppermountain #desktopclock #desktoporganiser #печатаюдома участвую в конкурсе от @bestfilament

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