For this week’s edition of Inventor Spotlight, we talked to the extraordinary 3D creator, Gabriel Joao, also known as Jandel88. We talked about his inspirations and his advice for people starting with 3D printing.


What Inspires Gabriel to Create in 3D?

Gabriel was inspired by the ability to create your own action figures, instead of having to buy them from the store. Printing and then painting these figurines, makes the experience much more worthwhile. Gabriel started printing and painting action figures, as an inexpensive alternative to store-bought items.

Advice for Beginners?

As per Gabriel, most people are deterred by the first setback or mishap. They quit after encountering any obstacles in their path. 3D printing is something that requires patience to learn and master. The key is to be persistent, and brave through all the mess-ups, failures, and impediments. 3D printing community is full of people who are willing and happy to help the fellow enthusiasts. Ask questions, share any issues that you encounter, and you will learn immensely from these experiences.

Where to Find Gabriel?

You can find Gabriel on Instagram at and on Reddit at u/jandel88.

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