For this week’s edition of Inventor Spotlight, we talked to the incredibly talented 3D creator, Futureless671. We asked him about his inspirations, advice for people getting started with 3D printing, and some of his favorite projects.


What Inspires Futureless671 to Create in 3D?

For Futureless671, inspiration mainly comes from two things. Firstly, it is his immense love for Sci-fi movies and learning about new things. Secondly, as he does not have the traditional artistic abilities, he is always motivated to find alternative solutions. With 3D printing, it opens up an entirely new avenue. It allows him to create 3D models without having the same skill set as sculptures or other artists. 3D printing technology enables individuals who are not as talented to create stunning pieces of art.

Although he might lack the skilled hands of a sculptor, Futureless671 is well versed in CAD-based 3D modeling. Using his 3D printers, he can bring his own designs as well as models from other designers to life. As for his artistic process, it really depends on what he is working on. For the Arc Reactor, it was just about printing the necessary parts and then painting them. But for something like his star Lord helmet, however, post-processing is needed. It includes printing the parts, removing supports, a lot of sanding, then masking and painting.

Advice for Beginners?

For the people starting with 3D printing, Futureless671 had the following how advice:

“I think the best advice I have for people getting into 3D printing is to accept the fact that you will fail before you get better. If you are expecting to be successful on your first try, you have chosen the wrong hobby. 3D printing is a lot of trial and error, and I have failed multiple times before getting my printers to operate properly. Despite this, the failure should not be discouraging, it should be a learning opportunity. The absolute best way to learn the most about 3D printing, is to fail first, then learn from the failure, fix the problems, and eventually, you will succeed. It is a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it for the results you’ll get.”

Where to Find Futureless671?

You can find Futureless671 on Reddit at @Futureless671.

If you would like to be featured in our Inventor Spotlight, feel free to send us an email to We would love to hear from you!

Some of Futureless671’s Favorite Projects

Here is a pic of the first two tabletop miniatures he printed and painted when he got his first printer four years ago.


Here is the shelf with all of his (mostly) printed minis: Mini Shelf

Mini Shelf

Here’s a Jet engine section that he printed and built: Jet engine

Jet engine section

Here’s a Star Lord helmet he created for Halloween with a bunch of pictures of the build process: Final individual pieces assembled before painting, first base coat, masked to paint the gold coat, unmasked product with silver detailing hand painted.

Star Lord helmet