What a time to be alive! With all the great news in 3D printing and so many new makers being featured in our Inventor Spotlight, it’s no wonder the Bionic Inventor Community is thriving.

We featured some amazing people and among those incredibly talented makers is Award-Winning Product Designer, Marta Cherednik. Read all about her work here:


Marta Cherednik

There were some great articles posted and one that really stood out highlighted how much fun family game night can be when you are 3D printing your own pieces and inventing your own games! We wrote all about and you can enjoy the article here:


Family Board Game Night

Did you see the post we shared about a 3D printed STEAK! Yeah, we thought it was really out there, until we dived into the article. Here’s the post:

A 3D Printed Vegan Steak!

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