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3D Printing Timelapse Videos: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

A 3D print in action is a fascinating sight to watch. Watching as an item gets printed right in front of your eyes is quite an experience. It is something worth recording, and a timelapse video is the best way to go about it, instead of normal video recording. We all know that 3D printing is a very time-consuming process, but it is worthwhile to watch. Rather than manually filming the complete printing process in real-time, it is better to use high-speed motion video, or timelapse. This way, you can follow the entire hours-long printing process of a model in seconds. However, with regular timelapse video, the moving print bed and nozzle are always in motion, which can be a bit disruptive. This article will take a look at everything you need to know about making 3D printing timelapse videos.

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