When we talk about superheroes, most of them seem to possess ‘superhuman’ powers. The source of their unique abilities varies from comic to comic and movie to movie. Whether it is the Superman, with immense strength, or Spider-Man, who can shoot webs from his palms, or Wolverine, with his indestructible claws, these powers make them ‘superhumans’. However, in the comics world, there are a few superheroes who use advanced tech and gadgets to fight the good fight. Ever since the character was introduced in 1939, the Caped Crusader has kept pace with technological advances in the real world for decades. Batman comics have been adding some of the most amazing technological innovations in pop culture as a whole.

There is no ‘superhero’ with cooler gadgets than the Dark Knight of Arkham, Batman. He seems to have the tools to deal with any situation. The World’s Greatest Detective has been fighting evil for almost 80 years. He was not born with superpowers or bitten by a radioactive bat but used his technological abilities to win the battle against crime. Lucius Fox helped design most of his arsenal and built a bat cave under Wayne’s mansion. As a tech-savvy billionaire, Bruce Wayne has the finances to own advanced equipment. Like us, you must be wondering how Batman could benefit from owning an industrial-grade 3D printer? In this article, we will look at some of the gadgets that could be printed using a 3D printer and how they would be an upgrade over their existing models.


Batarangs are the go-to and the most iconic tool in Batman’s arsenal. They are a deadly and versatile weapon. Batarangs first appeared way back in Detective Comics #31, published in 1939. With a 3D printer, these bat-shaped throwing-stars could be printed in bulk quantities. The additional freedom to use filaments that could pierce the armor of any nemesis also increases their efficiency.

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Power Armor

Since he does not possess any superhuman abilities to shield himself from damage in combat or any regeneration powers, Batman has to rely on his armor. Over the years, he has been dependent on different variants of his mechanized armor. For instance, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and the film version it inspired in Batman v Superman. With a 3D printer, Batman can have his armor custom-built to fare well against any enemy.

Kryptonite Grenade Launcher

Different strokes for different folks, but in this case, different weapons for various foes. Batman v Superman’s modified version of FN MK13 grenade launcher that shoots Kryptonite shells is one such example. The Dark Knight can 3D print modifications for his existing weapons, or simply create and print prototypes to tackle certain adversaries.

Kryptonite Ring

A brass knuckle, but 3D printed with Kryptonite filament – that will surely leave an impression, no pun intended. With such a versatile machine at his disposal, the Caped Crusader can easily create 3D printed Kryptonite rings. In case he ever has to punch Clark Kent, it will be a handy tool to keep in his utility belt.

The Grappling Hook

Batman’s grappling hook has various forms and a versatile tool. Whether Bats has to scale a building or trip some bad guys, the grapple hook will get the job done. With a 3D printer in his Maker Space, Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox can test newer, more efficient variations of this gadget, as well as print it in different lightweight materials.


It is among the most iconic Batman tools. Batclaw helps The Dark Knight climb and spelunk different buildings and tall structures. It could also be improved using a 3D printer, by printing it in lightweight filament and compact size.

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3D printed face masks immensely helped the healthcare workers and even the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Batman could also 3D print more efficient designs of his Rebreather mask that allows him to breathe underwater.


A 3D printer will come in handy when Bruce Wayne needs to print Batcalls, to call a swarm of bats.

Bat Darts

These tranquilizer darts could also benefit significantly from the design innovations possible with a 3D printer.

Introducing a 3D printer to the mix would definitely help Batman in his fight against superhuman opponents. He could custom print different tools and gadgets with filaments that land more damage against particular enemies and their defenses.

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